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Fisheries monitoring and research
Community engagement
Fisheries management and planning
Community and stakeholder engagement
Community and stakeholder engagement
Fisheries biology and ecology
Effects of climate change
Fieldwork and training
Workshop facilitation
Effects of climate change
Marine training programs



Our expertise includes:

  • Strategies and proposals for research and infrastructure grant funding

  • Developing fisheries management plans

  • Fisheries monitoring and analysis

  • Information synthesis

  • Project management

  • Workshop and training development and facilitation

  • Community and fishery stakeholder engagement (communication, education, socio-economic surveys)

  • Effects of climate change on fisheries

  • Development and implementation of marine training programs

  • Applied fisheries research

  • Pacific and Indian Ocean fisheries development (training and planning)

  • Coastal resource management capacity building in Indigenous communities

  • Community-based marine monitoring approaches

  • Alternative livelihoods as fisheries management options

  • Leadership and partnership development


David Welch

MSc Fisheries Biology

BSc Marine Biology & Zoology

David has a Masters degree in fisheries science and over 25 years' experience working in marine fisheries, specialising in fisheries biology and ecology, fisheries stock assessments, marine monitoring, fisher surveys, the effects of climate variability on fisheries, climate change vulnerability assessment frameworks, developing and implementing marine education and training programs, fisheries management plan training and development, fisheries sectoral engagement, community partnerships and capacity building. He has led and worked with fishers and fisheries stakeholders at all levels throughout Australia and internationally on research projects and consultancies.


David specialises in delivering capacity building initiatives in tropical fisheries monitoring and management, working alongside government agencies, NGOs and communities in Australia, the Indian Ocean and in Pacific Island nations. He has been working in the Pacific region since 2012. David has over authored over 100 scientific papers, technical reports and popular articles.


He is currently the Director of C2O Fisheries based in Cairns, Australia and also for C2O Pacific based in Port Vila, Vanuatu.




NGOs and Other Entities

  • C2O Consulting

  • United Nations Development Programme

  • Secretariat of the Pacific Community

  • Seychelles Ministry of Environment & Energy

  • Australian Tropical Marine Alliance

  • Coral Triangle Centre

  • The Nature Conservancy

  • InfoFish Australia

  • Marine Ecology, Conservation & Fisheries Consulting

  • Moreton Bay Seafood Industry Association

  • Fishwell Consulting

  • Australian Underwater Federation

  • Amateur Fishermen's Association of the Northern Territory

  • Fish Ageing Services Pty Ltd

  • National Fisheries Authority, Papua New Guinea

  • Wildlife Conservation Society

  • GIZ Vanuatu

  • Nguna-Pele Community Network (Vanuatu)

  • TasiVanua Community Network (Vanuatu)

  • Live and Learn

  • Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation

  • Adelpha Design

Australian Government

  • Australian Fisheries Management Authority

  • Australian Institute of Marine Science

  • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

  • Torres Strait Regional Authority


  • Fisheries Research & Development Corporation


State Government
  • Queensland Department of Agriculture &

  • Queensland Seafood Industry Association

  • New South Wales Fisheries

  • Northern Territory Department of
    Primary Industries & Fisheries

  • Department of Fisheries Western Australia

Research Centres
  • Centre for Sustainable Tropical Fisheries and Aquaculture

  • The University of Queensland

  • James Cook University

  • The University of Tasmania

  • Marine Applied Research Centre

  • Southern Cross University

  • The University of Western Australia

  • Curtin University

  • Solomon Islands National University

  • National Fisheries College, Papua New Guinea

  • Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies

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