C2O Pacific represents our Pacific-based office operating out of Port Vila, Vanuatu. Our Senior Scientists and Directors have over 60 years of relevant marine experience: David Welch, Johanna Johnson and Eryn Hooper. We specialise in coastal resource management and conservation projects throughout the Pacific region and our partners range from local and international NGOs, regional agencies, government departments and local communities.


Our expertise includes:

  • community engagement and consultation

  • capacity building and training at government and community levels

  • marine protected area training and implementation

  • community-based coastal resource management

  • community-based marine monitoring methods

  • leadership and management

  • stakeholder workshop facilitation

  • community partnership programs

  • communication and extension

  • Marine Champion (Ranger) training programs

  • underwater visual surveys (habitat and finfish)

  • habitat mapping

  • snorkel trails and marine science interpretation

  • crown-of-thorn starfish (COTS) control training

  • livelihood options as alternatives to coastal reef harvest


C2O Pacific are an experienced and dedicated team with a passion for facilitating positive change to ensure sustainable and healthy coastal marine environments for the people of the Pacific.



NGOs and Other Entities

  • C2O Consulting

  • Secretariat of the Pacific Community

  • The Nature Conservancy

  • Wildlife Conservation Society

  • GIZ Vanuatu

  • Nguna-Pele Community Network (Vanuatu)

  • TasiVanua Community Network (Vanuatu)

  • Live and Learn

  • Adelpha Design

  • Department of Fisheries Western Australia

  • Wan Smol Bag, Vanuatu

  • Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)

Research & Government
  • Centre for Sustainable Tropical Fisheries and Aquaculture

  • James Cook University

  • The University of Tasmania

  • Solomon Islands National University

  • National Fisheries College, Papua New Guinea

  • Vanuatu Fisheries Department

  • Vanuatu Department of Environmental Protection and Conservation

  • The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, UK


David Welch

MSc Fisheries Science

BSc Marine Biology & Zoology

David has a Masters degree in fisheries science and over 25 years' experience working in marine fisheries. David represents C2O Fisheries based in Australia and founded the companion organisation C2O Pacific in 2017 to be better placed to deliver on his growing portfolio of marine fisheries projects in the Pacific region. His experience in the Pacific region has involved partnering with government agencies, NGOs and communities to deliver outcomes that improve coastal resource management, assessment and monitoring.

Eryn Hooper

BSc with Honours Biology

Eryn has over 6 years experience working in environmental, conservation and natural resource management with research institutions, the charity sector, local council and private consulting.  Eryn specialises in community engagement and capacity building in marine resource management and climate change impacts, coastal educational and training programs, workshop delivery and community partnerships. Recent consultancies include developing a locally relevant community marine monitoring toolkit, delivering alternative sustainable livelihood projects, assisting with carbon trading initiatives, habitat mapping, underwater visual surveys and water quality testing. She has been working in the Pacific for the past 5 years mostly at the community level meaning she has gained a sound cultural understanding as well as becoming conversationally fluent in Bislama, the local language of Vanuatu. She has working knowledge of spatial planning and mapping for integrated environmental management, particularly in the context of Pacific Island Nations.


Dr Johanna Johnson

BSc, MSc, PhD

Johanna has 25 years' experience in marine research and management in the Asia-Pacific region, and specialises in climate change vulnerability and adaptation, community-based conservation, marine monitoring, synthesis and providing decision-support. Johanna is based in Vanuatu and is Director of C2O Pacific.

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